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Review: PAC-MAN 99 – The BR Formula Freshens Up Another Timeless Classic

Waka waka eh eh.

The crusade to make all of gaming’s tentpole titles into battle royales continues and following Tetris and Super Mario Bros., what classic game is more iconic than PAC-MAN?

Perhaps we should have seen this one coming. What makes the “99” series ingenious is it takes the foundation of games that have proven their timelessness over the decades and instead of disrupting their flow by changing what worked, it simply sprinkles on some modern layers of its own. Vanilla PAC-MAN is already one of the most addictive games out there, but when you introduce a fast-paced competitive component that feeling of “just one more game” is heightened exponentially. This 41-year-old classic has simply never been this hard to put down and even with everything it adds, at its core it’s still just PAC-MAN — which speaks volumes for how well the original still holds up.

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