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Review: Pinchcliffe Grand Prix – Surprisingly Charming Licensed Kart Racing

Well, there’s Norway we saw this coming.

Look, we know everyone has already collected all the Pinchcliffe Grand Prix memorabilia there is to collect. We’re sure that as you read this you’re sitting there in your Pinchcliffe Grand Prix pyjamas and shaking with fear at the prospect of buying another piece of Pinchcliffe merchandise, because your partner has threatened to throw you out if you dare add any more objects to the seven rooms of Pinchcliffe tat you’ve already filled to bursting. Worry not, though, because at least this one’s available digitally, meaning you can add to your brimming collection without taking up any more valuable space in your home.

If you’ll allow us to take our sarcastic tongue out of our cheek now, the reality is that Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is actually a big deal in some parts of the world, especially its native Norway. Released in 1975, the film is the most widely seen Norwegian movie of all time.

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