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Review: R-Type Final 2 – Shmup Royalty Returns In An Authentic, If Flawed, Revival

The final curtain?

Almost two decades have passed since the last entry in the mainline R-Type series. That makes the arrival of R-Type Final 2 a genuinely exciting prospect — particularly for shooting game devotees. Firing up Granzella’s latest for the first time really does feel like a meaningful moment for the form. An icon has returned, showing that as the indie shmup renaissance continues, there is still a place in the market for one of the grand progenitors of the form.

Yes, the title feels a little bit silly. R-Type Final was meant to be the very last R-Type, and as the years rolled into decades, it felt like that was entirely the case. Now we have a sequel to that closing moment, crowdfunded by fans, and put together by a team that includes a number of the original R-Type staff. In reality, though, for all the solemnity and melancholy that defines the R-type games — and particularly the first Final — it’s a series that has always had a glint in its eye and the space for a playful moment. The title is perfect.

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