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Review: Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – An Interesting And Messy Experiment


The Sherlock Holmes series has gone on for quite a while and quietly pumped out new entries over the years. Steadily, it’s grown more and more ambitious with each title and Sherlock Holmes Chapter One may be developer Frogwares’ most ambitious title yet. While the series attempts to break into a more modern-day gameplay loop, it somehow feels as though it’s still got its foot firmly stuck in the past. For everything that works, it’s accompanied by something that doesn’t, constantly roadblocking an otherwise enjoyable experience.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One acts as an origin story to the titular character. There’s no Watson, and any other iconic elements players may associate with the character are not always present. However, Holmes is not alone, accompanied by his bubbly imaginary friend Jon, who he can bounce off throughout the game’s narrative. More so than any other Sherlock Holmes game in the series, it’s a more personal story and gives Holmes a bit more personality than other entries.

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