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Review: Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon – A Super Addictive, Combat-Driven Puzzler

Diggin’ it.

Sometimes just before his boss battle, Specter Knight will warn you, “All who play Pocket Dungeon’s deadly game will be consumed by it.” He’s certainly right. Yacht Club’s newest spin-off of its critically lauded Shovel Knight franchise is, in a word, addictive.

It’s easy to look at Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and think it’s just an interesting, but very skippable sidestep in the series while we wait for the next mainline game. Yet, to pass on this would be to miss out on a tightly designed, highly refined, and refreshingly original take on the falling block puzzler genre. There is more to Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon than you may first think, and we’d say it comfortably meets the wonderfully high-quality standards of Yacht Club’s previous work.

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