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Review: Smelter – Strong Mega Man X-Style Platforming Forged With Extract Of ActRaiser

Would you Adam and Eve it!?

Now you’re talking. Indie games have been imitating classics of the past for years and years now, and it’s about time that one of them had the cajones to take a run at the seminal ActRaiser, Quintet’s 1990 genre-melding masterpiece. To be fair, SolSeraph had a crack at combining top-down elements with platforming, although the results were rather disappointing. Fortunately, Smelter – rather fittingly – melds together real-time strategy with action-packed side-scrolling, and it does so with quite some skill.

We have to admit, the distractingly horny opening movie set some alarm bells ringing, but thankfully the product immediately won us over with responsive controls, slick visuals and a terrific soundtrack from Evader (with opening and closing themes by Mega Man series legend Manami Mutsumae). This is a polished and wonderfully designed title from developer X Plus, and an absolute breath of fresh air with its strategy trappings breaking up the action gameplay very nicely.

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