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Review: Sonic Colors: Ultimate – A Rollercoaster Thrill Ride

Faster than fast, quicker than quick.

Sonic has had a tremendously troubled past. Outside of Sonic Mania, the series has hit a lull for several years now with lacklustre titles such as Sonic Forces and Sonic Lost World – the poor hedgehog can’t catch a break. However, back in 2010, Nintendo Wii owners were treated to a 3D iteration which seemed to capture the spirit of the series that fans wanted. While we had the fantastic Sonic Generations in 2011, we never got to see the fuss for Sonic Colors – until now. A remastered version has finally arrived on Xbox and has proved all those years of hype were right.

The plot sees Dr Eggman open an amusement park, which of course, Sonic and Tails investigate as it all sounds pretty suspicious. To no one’s surprise, it’s all a ruse and Eggman is in fact trying to collect aliens known as Wisps, each packed with unique abilities. It’s a simple baseline but acts as a means to get to the true nuts and bolts of the game – fast-paced platforming.

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