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Review: TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD – An Enjoyably Old-School Aussie Romp

Da doo rang rang rang, da doo rang rang.

We have to admit, it’s been something of a surprise to us that Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, of all franchises, has sustained the limelight for so very long. That the series made it to six (six!!) games was a shock in the first place – three main GameCube entries, a fourth game for PC and two excellent GBA titles – but to see it still kicking is not just an eyebrow-raiser, it’s almost heartening given the cynicism associated with modern mascot platformers.

Honestly, we were surprised by how much we enjoyed Ty 2: Bush Rescue (Stop sniggering at that title! Yes, you!), but its lazy charms really landed with us, having had since 2004 to grow – fester? – in our hearts. See, at the time of its original release, this game wasn’t received particularly well by critics. It must have done alright at retail, given that it was followed up with Night of the Quinkan, but it was generally considered “just another 3D platformer” amidst a very real glut of the things.

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