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Review: Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground – Ruined By Roguelike Repetition


Games Workshop – where nobody has a nice time.

Okay, let us clarify; it’s entirely possible to have a nice time playing their games or painting their models or – heck – even chatting to their legendarily helpful and inclusive staff. But pick a world, pick a game and we’d be hard-pressed to say that any character is having a nice time in it. Necromunda? A diabolical hellhole. Talisman? They don’t even make that anymore, but it would have been an appalling holiday destination. Anyway, the point is, if anyone asks if we fancy a quick jaunt to the Age of Sigmar, it’ll be a hard no from us. Thankfully, in the form of the video’d game, the Age in question is a more palatable prospect. At first.

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