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Review: Weird West – A Rootin’ Tootin’ Romp For Xbox Game Pass

Freaky Frontier.

We’ve been keenly awaiting the arrival of Wolfeye Studios’ Weird West for quite some time now, with a crack dev team put together by Arkane founder and former creative director, Raphael Colantonio, alongside former executive producer Julien Roby, it’s an immersive action RPG that’s shown real promise in previews and one that’s got undoubted pedigree. Indeed, with its DNA steeped in the likes of the superlative Dishonored, Prey and Arx Fatalis, if you’re a fan of refreshingly freeform RPGs full of choice and consequence, there really is quite a bit to get yourself excited about here.

And, thankfully, it’s excitement that isn’t in the slightest bit misplaced as Weird West delivers a delightfully dark and twisted tale that funnels players through the intertwined destinies of five strangers as they battle to get to the bottom of the occultish mystery that binds them all together. It’s a mystery that takes place in a wild west plagued by monstrosities; witches, pigmen, cannibal cults, evil spirits and sirens, in a world where ancient relics, runes and dark magic sit side by side with the gunslingers, shootouts, twirling moustaches and Stetsons we might normally associate with a trip through ye olde west. There’s as much Ravenous and The Witch here as there is Shane or Unforgiven.

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