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Review: Winds of Change – A Polished, Absorbing, Animal-Filled Visual Novel

Do you hear that?

Shall we get this out of the way up front? This game features ‘furry’ characters. If you’re already heading to the comments to issue a humorous barb, please re-examine your life. Winds of Change is an accomplished, heartfelt and enjoyable visual novel that does not deserve to be held up against the invented, ludicrous stigma of being furry. Righto, cheers. That’s that. Let’s get on with the review, then.

Visual novels can be difficult to critique as games; the meat of the experience is with the writing and your enjoyment thereof, so all that can really be covered elsewhere is the UI, performance and possibly visuals. If we come out of the gate, then, and say that Winds of Change has all the features you’d want from a visual novel married with a good, compelling story, that’s about all some of you will need.

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