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Review: World’s End Club – A Real Looker Spoiled By Hit-And-Miss Storytelling

“I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard.”.

Zero Escape and Danganronpa are two of the most notable names in the visual novel space, so fans were understandably excited when the creators of these two juggernauts were revealed to be teaming up for a new project: World’s End Club. After a soft launch on Apple Arcade, the full experience has finally made its way to the Switch and it’s… well, it’s alright. World’s End Club plays with some interesting ideas over its run, but it’s ultimately let down by its story and puzzle platforming gameplay.

World’s End Club follows the story of the Go-Getters Club, an afterschool group of middle schoolers that suddenly finds itself cast into an apocalyptic nightmare when a meteor strike seemingly destroys civilization. The kids then wake up in an abandoned underwater amusement park and find themselves locked in a lethal “Game of Fate” where they’re all pitted against each other by a creepy fairy. The rules are simple. Everyone in the club is wearing a wristband that displays a Task for someone else, and the first person to fulfill their Task ‘wins’ while everyone else is killed off.

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