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: Scarlet Nexus (PS5) – ‘Brain Punk’ RPG Gets a Lot Right, But Ends Up Feeling Stunted

Seeing red.

Scarlet Nexus is quite a unique action RPG set in a world where the human brain has evolved. Most people are hooked up to a kind of brain network — like if you could access the internet inside of your own head. What’s more, some especially talented individuals are able to use ‘powers’ — utilising their mental strength to control the elements, or move objects with their mind. Basically, they’re brain-powered X-Men, and the story revolves around a small number of these psychic soldiers.

It’s dystopian sci-fi from a very anime viewpoint, and while Scarlet Nexus does offer up an intriguing setting and a range of cool concepts, the storytelling itself falls a bit flat. The game is split between two protagonists: Yuito, a kind hearted cadet who hails from a prestigious family, and Kasane, a psionic prodigy with a cold personality. You choose to play as one or the other right at the start of the game, with the overall plot playing out from a different perspective depending on your decision.

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