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: Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (PS5) – Not One of Frogwares’ Best

False start.

Visiting the island of Cordona to pay respects to his late mother, it takes a young Sherlock Holmes no more than 30 minutes to discover a dead body and a case ripe for solving. It isn’t much more than a tutorial, designed to introduce you to Frogwares’ usual detective mechanics. However, it’s also the first example of how Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is bigger, but not necessarily better than its two recent predecessors. While what fans have come to love still remains, it’s impeded by frustrating new features and major technical drawbacks in a dull open world.

This is a much younger and boisterous Holmes; an inexperienced one compared to his persona in Crimes & Punishments and The Devil’s Daughter. There’s a swagger about him, which can only really go one of two ways: you either love or loathe him. His personality is apparent in story-focused cutscenes and conversations, but the skills which eventually make him one of history’s greatest ever detectives still dictate the form and structure of Chapter One.

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