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: Solar Ash (PS5) – Fast, Fluid Platforming Makes for an Entertaining Ride

Rei of hope.

When developer Heart Machine decided to venture into 3D for its follow-up to Hyper Light Drifter, it didn’t just change the perspective. While the two titles share the same universe, Solar Ash is a very different game in many ways. Essentially, this is a fast-paced platformer that puts the emphasis on movement rather than combat. The end result is a fresh, fluid experience, albeit one that can occasionally ring a little hollow.

You play as Rei, one of several Voidrunners who dive into a black hole known as the Ultravoid in order to save their home planet from oblivion. With the population of an entire world hanging in the balance, it’s your job to activate the Starseed, an enormous and powerful device that’s capable of averting the disaster. Of course, it’s not a straightforward task. You’ll need to visit various districts and take down gigantic creatures called Remnants.

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