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: Sonic Colors: Ultimate (PS4) – One of the Better 3D Sonic Titles Still Has All the Classic Issues

The rainbow blur.

After a string of poorly received entries, SEGA’s mascot was in a bad spot back in 2010. However, the Wii-exclusive Sonic Colors was something of a reset for the franchise, cutting out most of the nonsense and presenting itself as a more straightforward action platformer. It remains one of the more favourably received games in the series due to its back-to-basics approach. Funnily enough, Sonic Colors: Ultimate, a remaster that brings the game to PlayStation for the first time, feels like a refresher once again.

Indeed, one of our favourite things about this title is the scope of the story. It removes superfluous characters and lore to tell a standalone tale with the key characters you care about: Sonic, Tails, and Dr. Eggman. The villain has hatched an outlandish plot for world domination, and the hedgehog and his foxy sidekick are there to thwart his efforts. The writing is a bit all over the place, but some fun jokes and hammy exchanges combine with the simple story for a light-hearted adventure.

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