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: Tales of Arise (PS5) – A Fantastic JRPG, and the Strongest Tales Game in a Long Time

Blazing a Tale.

Big budget, Japanese role-playing games are a rarity these days. Outside of obvious mainstays like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, it’s a genre that often has to make do with more cost-efficient production. You either get your breakout hit — like Atlus did with Persona 5 — or you go underappreciated for what feels like an eternity, as has been the case with Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes franchise.

Bandai Namco’s Tales series falls somewhere in between. The property’s mainstream popularity peaked with Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia years ago, and it’s been a bit up and down ever since, both in terms of game quality and commercial success. As such, Tales has never quite managed to embed itself as an elite JRPG series — but Tales of Arise is clearly gunning for the top, or thereabouts.

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