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: F1 2021 (PS5) – Great Additions Make This the Best, and Most Accessible, F1 Sim

Put your pedal to the Vettel.

As a general rule, annual sports games get just that little bit better with each passing year, and that’s certainly true for Codemasters’ Formula One series. The officially licensed sim racer has been gradually improving each summer, and with F1 2021, the studio has made some wonderful additions that make this year’s entry one of the best.

Let’s start with the basics first, though. Fundamentally, it’s incredibly hard to fault this game when it comes to the main attraction: the driving. On the track, the sense of speed and danger is immense. We mostly played on a standard level of difficulty, and even with some assists on, it feels like you’re always a hair’s breadth from ruining your chances — it’s an exhilarating and engrossing motorsport, and racing requires your full attention at all times. The handling model is brilliantly flexible; whether you’re new to F1 or are prepared for full simulation, you can fine tune the game to suit you, more so here than in any previous iteration.

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