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: Hood: Outlaws & Legends (PS5) – Competitive Stealth Title Is Real Refreshing

But it Sherwood help if it had more players.

What if a classic Assassin’s Creed quest was the basis for a competitive multiplayer game? Hood: Outlaws & Legends emphatically answers that question, delivering an unquestionably entertaining twist on the stealth genre. While this 4v4 sneak-‘em-up certainly has its shortcomings, there’s a lot to like about what developer Sumo Newcastle has concocted.

You play as either Robin Hood or one of three of his Merry Men, with your team’s objective being to steal a vault key and extract the treasure. Divided into two teams of four – Loxley and Huntingdon – you’ll be working against each other in environments populated by computer-controlled guards in order to achieve your objective unnoticed.

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