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: Last Stop (PS5) – English Escapade Is a Cracker, Innit

Get the London look.

Simulating the mundane and ordinary is usually something games give a wide berth. After all, how do you fit bullets and explosions into the run-of-the-mill careers most people use to support their families? It doesn’t really work, but then there are those who don’t conform to the rules. Virginia developer Variable State is the perfect example of that with a new title that follows the lives of three unsuspecting Londoners whose lives are involuntarily turned upside down. Wild for its narrative, Last Stop will satisfy those happy for gameplay to take a back seat.

Three storylines form the adventure’s basis, each of which focuses on a different character caught up in a seemingly unrelated conundrum. John, who’s stuck in a dead-end office job and caring for a child alone, suddenly finds his body has been swapped with the younger and much cooler Jack. Then there’s workaholic Meena, who is letting her marriage fall by the wayside to try and prove she’s the right candidate for a promotion. Donna rounds out the main cast, a high school student at that awkward age where family is more of an annoyance and social status means everything.

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