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: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (PS4) – No Objections to This Spiffing Spin-Off

Industrial revelations.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a collection containing two titles never before released in the West, finally receiving official localisations years after their initial Japan-only launches. While this spin-off duology does little to tamper with the series’ established formula, it makes up for a lack of innovation by simply being among the best games in the franchise.

Instead of following Phoenix Wright as usual, this collection winds back the clock to the late 19th century, focusing on an all-new cast of characters. We’re introduced to Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a Japanese student who just so happens to be a direct ancestor to Mr. Wright. The two titles take you through how and why he comes to practice law, his eventful first few cases, and an overarching narrative that spans both games. If you’re new to Ace Attorney, this is a great place to start, as it eschews all the established lore in favour of a fresh story.

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