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: Life Is Strange: True Colors (PS5) – Lame Story Saved by Great Characters

Chently please.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm has always felt like a well-kept secret; forever playing second fiddle to the two mainline entries that released either side of it, but quietly better than them both. We have Deck Nine Games to thank for that, which now finds itself at the helm of the franchise’s next big game as original creator DONTNOD Entertainment moves on to other projects. The result is Life Is Strange: True Colors, a game that both ditches the episodic roll-out of the past and feels more in line with the adventures of classic characters Max and Chloe.

It takes the series back to those small-town vibes, as friends try to kick back and enjoy themselves before a life-changing event forces a community to re-evaluate what it’s known to be true all these years. Alex Chen is the latest young adult turned special power user on the scene, invited to live with her brother Gabe after eight years apart. She’s only just begun settling in when he dies under suspicious circumstances.

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