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Mini Review: The Artful Escape – A Fantastic Musical Odyssey On Xbox Game Pass

An assault on the senses.

Around an hour into The Artful Escape, we were absolutely in awe of what was on display. It was an assault on the sense, both visually and through its audio, absolutely engrossing us in its musical odyssey. It was a moment that was perhaps our favourite of the entire year, perfectly encapsulating the reason why we play games. Annapurna Interactive’s latest published effort is one of the most unique adventures you’ll go on all year, despite its shortcomings.

The story sees you in the role of Francis Vendetti, a folk singer who is trapped under the shadow of his late uncle, someone who was considered a musical legend. In all honesty, Francis isn’t interested in performing folk music, but instead has a love for sci-fi and the strange sounds that accompany it. What ensues is a magical, cosmic journey across the galaxy as he discovers himself and attempts to step out of the shadow that everyone has cast over him.

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