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Mini Review: Epic Chef (PS4) – Silly Culinary Life Sim Mostly Hits the Spot

Kitchen quest.

Epic Chef mixes together varied ingredients to create something rather tasty. It’s a story-based adventure game about a man named Zest moving to a new town and rising through the culinary ranks, but the gameplay isn’t just about cooking. While you’ll concoct numerous recipes using weird and wonderful ingredients, the game is as much a crafting and life sim experience.

It’s an unusual blend, but it works pretty well. A day/night cycle means the townsfolk of Ambrosia run their routines by the clock, meaning shops aren’t always open and NPCs will appear in different places depending on the time. If you’ve a quest you can’t continue until the evening, say, you can spend the day planting seeds in your garden, crafting materials to make new items, or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

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