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Mini Review: Hitchhiker (PS4) – Intriguing Concept Can Be Monotonous

A Hitchhiker’s guide to philosophy.

In a world of fast-paced action and strategic decision making, sometimes it is nice to play the role of a bystander. Hitchhiker is a game that prides itself on taking you through a journey, instead of letting you create your own path. The end result is a monotonous but thought provoking journey that is closer to an interactive experience than a traditional game.

Hitchhiker’s primary drive is the plot starring an amnesiac hitchhiker on a journey to uncover his past. After getting a ride with a raisin farmer named Vern, the hitchhiker discovers a photo of him and his girlfriend in Vern’s glove compartment. After Vern accidentally reveals that he knows more than he is letting on about the hitchhiker’s situation, the hitchhiker realises his girlfriend might be in trouble. He then sets out on a hitchhiking journey with strange occurrences to save his girlfriend and to remember his past.

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