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Review: New Pokémon Snap – The Best-Looking Pokémon Game Yet, And A Joyous Revival

Lental clarity.

It’s been 22 years since the original Pokémon Snap and with each passing console generation fans had never given up hope for a possible sequel. Why is that? It wasn’t a long game, it didn’t have that many levels, only had a small pool of Pokémon and the base gameplay was simply about taking pictures. On paper, Pokémon Snap sounds basic and it seems there’s an entire generation who don’t get the appeal. To put it simply, Snap presents Pokémon in their purest form; it lets Pokémon be Pokémon without any strings of battling attached — something no other entry even attempts.

That’s what made the original game so special, we had never seen Pokémon divorced from humans in such a natural way, there were so many iconic moments that were exhilarating to catch with the perfect frame on camera. We learned each level inside and out, mastering where every creature would spawn and when they would strike a special pose. There was simply no other game quite like it and it’s gone down in history as possibly the greatest Pokémon spinoff, if we discount Pokémon Puzzle League.

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