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Mini Review: Islanders: Console Edition – An Addictive Tetris City Builder

Building has never been so relaxing.

On the outside, Islanders: Console Edition seems like just another take on the city building genre, but within a single minute, it’s clear there’s more here than meets the eye. Instead of making your islands as pretty as possible, there’s a surprisingly in-depth puzzle experience to sink your teeth into, which is equal parts relaxing and stimulating. While the translation to console doesn’t always work, it’s a wonderful little title, perfect for breaking up those gaming sessions.

Instead of being bombarded with tutorials, Islanders introduces all of its mechanics within the first few clicks, leaving you to experiment and play. What it basically boils down to is strategically building settlements on various islands and earning points in the process. You’ll be rewarded for how close certain buildings are to one another, or where they’re placed on the land itself. For example, a watermill will earn you more points if placed by the sea.

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