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Mini Review: Nexomon (PS5) – A Cheap and Mostly Cheerful Pokémon Clone

Pocketed monsters.

The original Nexomon has arrived on PlayStation consoles, and right off the bat, we can tell you that it’s a better monster catching RPG than its strangely structured sequel, Nexomon: Extinction. The original Nexomon has you follow a linear path through its world — much like you would in a traditional Pokémon game — catching creatures, battling other Nexomon tamers, and pushing back against an evil regime along the way.

Basically, if you’re familiar with Nintendo’s immortal series, then you know exactly what to expect from Nexomon. We dare say that it tries a bit harder with its characters and story — offering up a lot more dialogue and subsequent drama — but the real reason to play Nexomon is to satisfy that monster-collecting itch. It can be a devilishly addictive game, where entering a new area means being able to find new ‘mons, all while levelling up — and evolving — your current party.

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