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Mini Review: Kitaria Fables (PS5) – Charming Animal Adventure Combines Action with Crafting

The cat that crafted the cream.

Kitaria Fables is a charming action RPG with an emphasis on crafting of all kinds. It takes place in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic characters, and the whole thing would be incredibly cosy if it wasn’t for the fact that monsters roam the countryside.

There is a story here — one that involves an empire, the outlawing of magic spells, and a growing darkness — but it’s not really the focus, even if it gives you a good reason to get out and explore the game’s segmented regions. Exploration leads to finding new materials, and new materials means crafting better equipment. Having more effective gear lets you take on increasingly dangerous monsters, and so the cycle continues until the credits roll (and beyond, if you feel like it).

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