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Review: Dodgeball Academia – Impressive Presentation, But Lacks Depth On Court

A True Underdog Story.

It’s very difficult to make school appealing. Persona gave it a go, and Lego Harry Potter took its best shot, but in general we just don’t want to go to school ever. Dodgeball Academia is up against it from the off, but compelling gameplay could have brought it back from the brink of enforced educational apathy. Sadly, it’s just not quite there.

Points for effort, though. Dodgeball Academia is a terrific-looking game, with a marvelous cartoony style that constantly impresses with its slickly-animated little flourishes while still feeling responsive, the way a game absolutely needs to. We think the characters and world have a vibe that’s more than a little similar to Cartoon Network’s OK KO series, to the point that we wonder if the show’s creators might need to have a little word.

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