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: WRC 10 (PS5) – Rough-Edged But Robust Rally Racing

Don’t cut.

Developer KT Racing has found its footing with the WRC series. After last year’s WRC 9 made significant improvements to the officially licensed rally racer, WRC 10 iterates on the winning formula, presenting another fantastic experience — even if it is a little rough around the edges.

The driving itself is of course the most important part of any racing game, and it’s here where the game shines. The simulation isn’t quite as demanding as DiRT Rally 2.0, but that’s not to say this isn’t a challenging rally title. With lots of customisation options allowing you to tweak the difficulty, it’s a game that scales with you. We played with default settings and found the handling to be highly entertaining. It sits in the “sim-cade” camp — aiming for realism, but with a little bit of leeway. Ultimately, throwing these cars around feels great, especially with the DualSense’s fancy triggers and haptics, once again put to great use here.

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