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Mini Review: Mighty Goose (PS5) – Bombastic 2D Shooter Is Really Good Fun, Despite Frustrations

Honk if you’re brawny.

Mighty Goose is a chaotic side-scrolling shooter in which you play as a cybernetically enhanced goose. This particularly aggressive bird is an intergalactic bounty hunter, and the game’s loose plot takes you to a number of sci-fi locales as Goose brings justice to the baddies. It’s all suitably dumb right from the word go, and the game can be an absolute blast once you’re in the zone.

Goose starts off each level equipped with a rather basic arm cannon, but a range of different guns — and vehicles — can be found throughout. From spray-and-pray automatics to plasma dispensers, every weapon is fun to use, with the outrageously sized shotgun being a clear highlight.

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