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Mini Review: Subnautica – A Wondrous Trip Under The Sea

The Life Aquatic.

Subnautica really is one of the great indie early access success stories, a game honed to near perfection during a long gestation period on PC, with lots of input from avid fans helping to shape the core experience as it exists today. As a result what we’ve got here is a confident and constantly thrilling marriage of addictive gameplay loops, with hugely satisfying crafting and base building elements, well-implemented survival mechanics and a world and story that absolutely ooze wonder, mystery and full-on existential dread in equal measure.

Kicking off with your silent protagonist crash-landing on the alien planet 4546B, Subnautica immediately throws you into this heady mix as you fight to extinguish a fire aboard your tiny little escape pod before getting your bearings and coming to the realisation that you need medical aid, sustenance and an explanation as to what’s just happened. Climbing the steps up and out of your pod for the very first time you’re greeted by an endless ocean stretching out on all sides, with the enormous burning remains of your mothership, the Aurora, the only structure visible in any direction.

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