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Mini Review: Subnautica: Below Zero – A Rather Cool Sequel

Deep Blue Sequel.

In Subnautica: Below Zero, the sequel to Unknown World’s superlative Subnautica, you’re once again back on planet 4546B, crash-landing rather spectacularly on the frozen far side of the alien world this time around where you’re immediately thrown into a mystery surrounding the fate of your missing sister, Sam. It may have a slightly smaller map (this was originally planned as a generous dollop of DLC after all) and a little less variety in terms of its biomes, but this follow-up still feels like an essential experience, one that delivers more of the series’ signature survival excellence whilst also smoothing over some of the rough edges of its predecessor’s core gameplay loops.

Everything feels that little bit easier to manage in Below Zero. You’ll get off the starting blocks more quickly here, breezing through the early game’s lack of oxygen and mobility options and pretty much straight into spinning around on your Seaglide in a much more straightforward and smooth manner, before getting your hands on a bunch of brand new vehicles that, by and large, improve upon those found in the original Subnautica.

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