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Mini Review: Taxi Chaos – Competent Enough, But Lacking That ‘Crazy’ Factor

Let’s take a trip back to 1999.

Here’s the thing about Taxi Chaos; it unapologetically borrows the formula from SEGA’s popular Crazy Taxi series in almost every single way, and if you enjoyed that game back in the day, you’ll probably get at least a few kicks out of this one. It handles well, the city is well realised and brimming with colour, and the core gameplay loop of picking up customers and delivering them to their destinations as quickly as possible still hasn’t grown old.

It even has a few cool little quirks to its gameplay, such as the ability to jump with the A button, which not only allows you to overtake traffic, but also jump onto the rooftops of buildings and potentially find one or two hidden secrets. There are a few individual quest lines too, where picking up certain passengers will set you off on a handful of errands to complete, collecting items around the city. It’s fun, albeit in short bursts.

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