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: MLB The Show 21 (PS5) – A Lead-Off Double But Not a Home Run

Ace of base.

Sports games, for all the ire they attract, subscribe to some of the most brutal development cycles in the industry. Spare a thought, then, for Sony San Diego, which has not only transitioned from one platform to four with its annual baseball simulation MLB The Show 21 – but it’s also done it during a global pandemic. There are clear compromises as a consequence, but fortunately the series is working from such strong foundations that it’s still relatively easy to recommend.

As always, it’s out on the field where this year’s release excels. A plethora of new fielding animations, including a total rewrite to the way players react to off-the-wall balls, mean that this an outstanding simulation of America’s game. Pinpoint pitching adds Skate-like gesture controls to the action on the mound, and while this does take time to master, it rewards patience and practice with the most accurate pitching mechanic in the game.

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