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: Necromunda: Hired Gun (PS5) – DOOM Rip-Off Broken Beyond Belief

Go to hell.

You can hardly blame Streum On Studio for trying to make the next DOOM Eternal. With shooters very few and far between this early on in the PlayStation 5 generation, the developer had the opportunity to leave its mark with a fast-paced FPS that picks up right where id Software left off last year. It even had the Warhammer 40,000 license to go alongside it, despite the universe being a turn-off for some. However, Necromunda: Hired Gun categorically fails to capitalise on quite literally anything it had going for it. On its own, it’s a bang average shooter. When the cracks start to show, the game is one of the worst performing and buggiest experiences we’ve had for some time.

While it’s safe to say Necromunda: Hired Gun is far from a PS5 showcase, let’s start by setting the scene. You play as a bounty hunter who takes jobs from a home base in exchange for cash that can be spent on items and upgrades. The general loop revolves around running and gunning through 13 missions and returning to the safe haven in-between each one to improve stats and equipment.

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