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: NieR Replicant (PS4) – The Rebirth of a Touching Action RPG, Still Unique After All These Years

Soul survivor.

NieR always deserved a second chance, and you could argue that the very well received NieR Automata was exactly that. The tale of 2B touched the hearts of many a player back in 2017, but for a while, it felt like the original NieR had been left behind and largely forgotten. After all, the NieR that we got here in the West — the one starring the grumpy father figure — divided opinion to an extreme degree. The 2010 release was an intriguing title that featured a bunch of unique and surprising ideas, but it was hamstrung by clunky gameplay, piss-stained PS3-era visuals, and a story that didn’t go anywhere for about ten hours or so.

And yet here we are, 11 years later, playing NieR Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139. Halfway between a remake and a remaster, it’s based on the original NieR Replicant — the Japan-only version of NieR that featured a younger protagonist, instead of the aforementioned father figure that made it West.

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