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Review: Aliens: Fireteam Elite – A Survival Shooter That’s All About The Action

A mostly great squad-based Xeno shooter. Mostly.

Diving into Cold Iron Studios’ Aliens: Fireteam Elite for the very first time – especially if your last videogame experience of this universe was Alien: Isolation – it’s probably best to adjust your expectations ever so slightly. This isn’t some slow-burn horror effort, tension-filled corridor crawler or narrative-focused experience featuring a terrifyingly clever take on the perfect organism, it’s a straight up, action-heavy squad-based shooter that catapults you immediately into the mix against endless hordes of Xenomorphs and never really lets up.

Which is a good thing. We don’t jump into a squad-based shooter for its downtime, we’re not here for the cutscenes or drama, we came to board an express elevator to hell and we want to go down. Thankfully, in this regard, Aliens: Fireteam Elite has got us more than covered. Taking place some thirty years after the events of the original Alien Trilogy, there’s four separate campaign sections here, each comprised of three chapters that keep the enemy targets coming thick and fast, providing a solid eight hours-worth of Aliens-flavoured action to dig into with friends.

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