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Review: Back 4 Blood – A Worthy Spiritual Successor To Left 4 Dead

Come slay with me.

The first two Left 4 Dead games were classics on the Xbox 360, and Back 4 Blood unapologetically attempts to take that formula and modernise it over a decade later, but the big difference this time is that Valve has nothing to do with it, and the reigns have been taken over by Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. Games. That might sound disappointing, but Turtle Rock Studios is the developer that actually created the original Left 4 Dead when the studio was known as Valve South, so this really is Left 4 Dead 3 in all but name.

You know what you’re getting, then, and fortunately Back 4 Blood delivers what it promises in spades. The core concept is exactly the same as you might remember, requiring you to group together as a team of four and progress through a generous selection of campaign missions (33 in all), blasting zombies in the face at every turn and demolishing a wide array of special enemy types as you go. The gunplay feels just as satisfying as it did back in the day, and the hordes of enemies that you’ll regularly encounter are suitably hectic and anxiety-inducing, especially when you’re low on health and desperately trying to stay alive.

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