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Review: Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir – A Delightful And Silly Mystery

Ace Attorney’s grandfather returns triumphant.

Famicom Detective Club is brilliant. Famicom Detective Club is also incredibly stupid, sometimes. But it’s still brilliant. It’s both, at the same time, like a child who’s just argued that, if glue is non-toxic, then there’s really nothing wrong with them eating a whole cup of it. Sure, sticky child! You’re technically right, congratulations! But you’ve also just eaten an entire cup of glue, and now your bowel resembles a kindergarten art project.

Famicom Detective Club comes in two parts: The Missing Heir, which first came out in 1988 in Japan, making it almost as old as Mario; and The Girl Who Stands Behind, a sequel which followed in 1989. The two games have never been released in English, other than unofficial fan translations, until now — and the remake, with new art, localisation and voice-acting (only available in Japanese) was a surprise that nobody expected.

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