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Review: Gears Tactics – Top-Notch Tactical Action On Xbox Series X

Let slip the cogs of war.

Just over six months since it originally released on PC back in April, Gears Tactics finally makes its way to both the Xbox One and Microsoft’s brand new Series X/S consoles. This really is an excellent – and very well-timed – addition to the console’s Game Pass offerings, a thrilling top-down tactical effort that manages to bring clever XCOM-style action to the Gears universe while still managing to feel absolutely part of the same world we’re all used to roadie-running through from a third person perspective.

This enhanced version of the game, which performs at a rock solid 60fps/4K and looks a perfect match for the PC version in terms of its ultra crisp and detailed visuals, brings a brand new character to the chainsaw party in the form of robot sidekick Jack, who you’ll gain access to should you choose to play the very cleverly titled “Jacked” version of the meaty main campaign. Honestly, we can’t see any reason to play through the story sans Jack now that we’ve had a go with him on our squad as his initially quite spartan loadout very quickly expands, resulting in a highly capable and versatile addition to your roster who can easily adapt to play support or attacking roles.

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