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Review: It Takes Two – A Magical Slice Of Co-Op Heaven

It’s all about co-lla-bo-ration!

When we first embarked upon It Takes Two’s ten-hour journey, we knew it’d be good. After all, the previous game from Josef Fares’ Hazelight Studios – the prison-break co-op adventure A Way Out – was a thrilling two-player experience packed with variety, and an unlikely hit for EA back in early 2018. If you thought that game was creative though, you haven’t seen anything yet. It Takes Two is undoubtedly one of the most inventive co-op platformers in Xbox history, and an absolute blast from start to finish.

The story of the game is centred around a divorcing couple called Cody and May and their daughter Rose. When Rose is informed that the two are splitting up, she retreats to her bedroom and cries onto a couple of dolls that resemble her parents, which transforms them into the two dolls via a magic spell. Their quest is to figure out how to get back to their human bodies while guided by a Book of Love called Dr. Hakim, which tries to encourage them to use “co-lla-bo-ration!” and rediscover the joys of their relationship in order to progress.

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