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Review: King of Seas – Naval Combat Gets Grindy After A Promising Start

Yo, ho! (a grinder’s life for me).

3DClouds, the studio behind racers such as All-Star Fruit Racing, Xenon Racer, and Race With Ryan have taken time away from the circuit and are back with a procedurally generated pirate adventure that charges players with becoming the one true King of the Seas. There’s a touch of Sid Meier’s Pirates here, a dash of Sea of Thieves and even a little Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag thrown into the mix for good measure. However, what starts off rather promisingly soon exposes itself to be a disappointingly shallow experience, one that’s happy to dole out repetitive fetch quests and boils the exciting, lawless life of a pirate down to nothing much more than a constant, tiresome grind.

Let’s stay positive for as long as we can here though, as things do get off to a pretty good start with an initial story setup that seems to promise plenty of intrigue, revenge and adventure. Starting out in King of Seas you’ll choose whether to play as a male or female version of the game’s central protagonist and, after a quick tutorial on how to command a tiny little Sloop, you’re thrown into a tale that sees you fight to avenge your father, clear your name and restore the rightful heir to the throne of this watery world. There’s magic, voodoo, Royal Navy bad guys, double-crossing and all sorts of shenanigans thrown into the mix at the outset and early gameplay impressions suggest this one’s got the goods to back up its tantalising narrative.

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